Islamic University of Minnesota


About the Program


The International Islamic University of Minnesota provides a comprehensive Associate's degree program in Islamic studies covering over 90 quarter credit hours. The program focuses on key areas such as Characteristics of the Islamic Faith, Qur'anic Studies, Hadeeth Studies, Prophetic Biography, and Islamic Values and Ethics. Upon graduation, students will have gained a strong understanding of the fundamental concepts of Islam. 


Student Outcomes: 


  • To deliver Student knowledge in the field of Islamic Studies.
  • To deepen comprehension of Islamic history and its rich civilization.
  • To refine students' abilities in conducting prayers and other devotional practices.
  •  To strengthen students' capacity to comprehend faith and spiritual life matters.
  • To provide insights into contemporary ideologies and intellectual movements influencing Da'wah, Aqidah, and Islamic teachings and practices.

These courses meet the associate degree criteria for the A.A. program. The Associate Degree in Islamic Studies Program requires 90 quarter credit hours.  


Class type: Online & Live/ Independent Studies

Language: English or Arabic

Duration: Two Years

Total Credit Hours: 90 Cr. Hrs 

Location: Minnesota, USA

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