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Mastering Islamic Tradition: Explore Our Master of Arts in Islamic Studies Program


Our Master of Arts in Islamic Studies unveils a comprehensive curriculum for those deeply interested in deepening their Islamic scholarship. Renowned for its academic rigor, the program offers a path to profound understanding and mastery of Islamic tradition through specialized concentrations:


  • General Islamic Studies: An exploration into the vast landscape of Islamic knowledge, addressing both its foundational principles and the debates of the contemporary era.
  • Quranic Sciences: A deep dive into the Quran, focusing on its interpretation, historical preservation, and the intricate sciences that underpin its study.
  • Hadith Sciences: An engagement with the Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) traditions, emphasizing the methodologies for collecting, authenticating, and applying Hadith.
  • Jurisprudence/Fiqh: A comprehensive study of Islamic law, from its historical development to its principles and application in modern contexts.


Each concentration is meticulously tailored to endow you with the knowledge and skills needed to significantly contribute to Islamic scholarship and the global community. Embarking on this journey at IIUMN means joining an environment that nurtures intellectual and spiritual growth, surrounded by supportive faculty and peers.


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Embark on a journey of discovery and enrich your understanding of Islamic scholarship with us. For a deeper dive into how our Master of Arts in Islamic Studies can help you realize your academic and professional aspirations, explore our program today.


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