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Your gift to IUM creates new opportunities IUM and its students, increases access to quality Islamic education, and supports IUM’s growth and stability. Your contributions fund student scholarships, faculty recruitment and retention, curriculum development, technology upgrades, and accreditation plans. Help IUM acquire a new campus. Help IUM grow by giving today.

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These consistent contributions allow our vision of accessible Islamic education to advance.

Invest Your Zakat in supporting Islamic scholarship.

IUM is a qualified Zakat recipient. Your Zakat contributions will sponsor needy and deserving students and make their quest for knowledge possible. IUM is Zakat-eligible - The Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America Fiqh council has confirmed the permissibility of educational institutions to receive Zakat funds. For more specific information, please visit  The Assembly Of Muslims Jurists Of America Fatwa ID 85297.

Every Zakat contribution will have a reward for you from Allah –and it will support students in need and prepare a generation of strong Muslim leaders in our communities. Give your Zakat to IUM today and gain the reward of continuous charity.

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