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The International Islamic University of Minnesota (IIUMN) is a prestigious academic institution offering high-quality Islamic education degrees. The university aims to provide excellent service to Muslim communities worldwide. Its primary objective is to become a significant center for Islamic learning and to promote academic excellence, spiritual growth, inclusivity, and collaboration within the community.


In 2013, Dr. Waleed Meneese and Hyder Aziz established the Islamic University of Minnesota. Recently, the university changed its name to the International Islamic University of Minnesota, marking a significant milestone in its mission to provide comprehensive Islamic education worldwide. The university aims to provide diverse learning opportunities and high-quality education to enrich the lives of Muslims globally.



The university's evolution and rebranding as IIUMN demonstrate its unwavering commitment to fostering academic and spiritual growth. It aims to offer genuine Islamic knowledge, encourage inclusivity, and promote cross-cultural understanding among its students. With its renewed focus on global service, IIUMN seeks to enhance faith and promote academic and spiritual growth within Muslim communities worldwide.


Our Vision


To establish IIUMN as a pre-eminent institution of higher Islamic education in the American hemisphere.





  • IIUMN is an academic institution of higher learning poised to help develop a sound Islamic knowledge base and skills in its students to make a positive and lasting contribution to society and the world.  IIUMN’s entire endeavor is to produce ethical and morally upright human beings steeped in Islamic scholarship.
  • The goal of IIUMN's education philosophy and methodology aims to Islamize the mind, body, and soul to bring about positive change in the personal and collective lives of Muslims and non-Muslims.
  • Islamic education involves the development of the complete human being with his or her rational, spiritual, and social dimensions. This comprehensive and integrated approach to education in Islam is directed toward a balanced growth of the total personality…through training man's spirit, intellect, and rational self so that faith is infused into his or her personality.  In Islamic educational theory, knowledge is gained to actualize and perfect all dimensions of the human being. From an Islamic perspective, the highest and most useful model of perfection is the prophet Muhammad. The goal of Islamic education is that people live as he lived and prepare for the permanent abode of the hereafter.
  • IIUMN’s goal is twofold: disseminate intellectual knowledge (through the application of reason and logic) and disseminate authentic spiritual knowledge (derived from divine revelation and the sunnah of prophet Muhammad (SAW).  According to the Islamic worldview, provisions in education must be made equally for both religious and intellectual knowledge. Acquiring knowledge in Islam is not intended as an end but to stimulate a more elevated moral and spiritual consciousness, leading to faith and righteous action.
  • IIUMN will not endorse any extremism or political ideology and will work tirelessly to promote moderation and the middle way for its students.
  • IIUMN will promote a culture of racial, gender, and religious acceptance.
  • IIUMN will assume and demonstrate responsibility for its decisions and actions.
  • IIUMN will be dedicated to training its students and staff to improve the lives of others through professional and community service.




  • To produce a new generation of Muslims to serve Islam and the world.
  • To prepare well-qualified and experienced graduates.
  • To interact with society and offer services to it.
  • Attract Muslims and non-Muslims in North America to pursue an Islamic education to discover and strengthen their connection with Islam and its civilization.
  • Produce highly educated and trained Islamic researchers and scholars who understand Islam and can convey it to the larger community.
  • Bring the Holy Qur’an to the forefront the Muslim daily life.
  • Initiate joint research and cooperation with other universities and research centers in North America to provide practical solutions for issues facing American society.
  • Establish a residential university dormitory supervised by highly skilled specialists in education.





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