Islamic University of Minnesota


Contributing to the International Islamic University of Minnesota is not just a donation; it's an investment in education, community development, and preserving Islamic scholarship. Donating to the International Islamic University of Minnesota makes you part of our mission to enlighten minds, ignite passion, and impact the world positively through Islamic education. Your support allows us to continue nurturing the scholars of tomorrow and preserving Islamic intellectual heritage.


§  Empowering Education: Your donation directly supports our mission to provide an enriching and comprehensive education in Islamic Studies. You're helping to shape the minds of future scholars, leaders, and influencers who can positively impact their communities.

§  Promoting Diversity: We pride ourselves on creating a diverse, inclusive learning environment at the International Islamic University of Minnesota. Your contribution helps to ensure that students from all backgrounds can access our courses, promoting a more diverse and inclusive future.

§  Preserving Islamic Scholarship: Our university is one of the leading institutions in Islamic Education. By donating, you're preserving and advancing the rich tradition of Islamic scholarship.

§  Supporting Research and Innovation: Your donations fund groundbreaking research and innovative teaching practices in Islamic Education, creating a ripple effect of knowledge that reaches far beyond our campus.

§  Providing Scholarships and Financial Aid: Contributions also go towards scholarships and financial aid, opening doors for students who may otherwise not be able to afford a college education.

§  Building Community: By supporting our university, you also foster community development. We firmly believe in giving back to our local community and creating a positive impact. Your donations assist us in carrying out various community outreach programs.




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