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IJAZA in Quran memorization with the continued chain of narrators back to the Prophet (PBUH)


This program: is designed for students interested in memorizing the entire Quran and mastering its recitation with the proper rules of the Tajweed. Students begin with the most common Qiraa' (style) of narration (Hafs 'an 'Asim). Note: Other Qiraat are available.

Students will be awarded the IJAZA (Certificate) upon completing the requirements.



v Ability to read the Quran fluently.

v Successful completion of the rules and implementation of the Tajweed course.

v Complete and pass the admission interview & the Tajweed test.

v Applicant must be 15 years and older.


Admission Requirements:

v Completion of the Ijaza application

v Copy of valid photo-ID

v Non-refundable admission fee of $25.00

v Applicants under 18 years of age need a guardian’s approval.


Program Information:

v The maximum duration of the program is 12 months. If a student exceeds this duration, he/she must notify the IUM's office immediately, or it will result in an automatic drop from the program.

v Each student will be assigned to a certified Ijaza instructor 2 times per week.

v Students must practice memorization independently before meeting with the instructor.

v  Students must read the entire Quran (Al-Fatiha to An-Nas) with the same instructor.

v  Students can complete the Ijaza program in person or by phone.

v After completing the first IJAZA, interested students may apply to continue in the other Qiraat, but they must fill out another application and pay the full Ijaza Fee of $1200 again.

v University students may earn up to 9 credits towards the bachelor's degree.



v Total tuition covering the duration of the program is $1200.

v The tuition should be paid in full upfront; if you have any questions, contact the IUM's office.

v To avoid waiting, students can seek their sponsor for assistance.

v Students who can’t complete the program within 12 months may continue with the program, but they must pay a $100 monthly fee until they complete their reading.



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