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Muslims in Minnesota

Minnesota is fortunate to have a lively and varied Muslim community that enriches the state's cultural, educational, and social landscape.

Muslim Community in Minnesota

The Muslim community in Minnesota is diverse, encompassing individuals from various ethnic, cultural, and linguistic backgrounds. Muslims in Minnesota come from different parts of the world, including Somalia, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and many others.

With a significant population of Muslims residing in the Twin Cities metropolitan area, Minnesota boasts numerous mosques, Islamic centers, and Islamic educational institutions. These institutions play a vital role in providing religious guidance and community services and fostering a strong sense of belonging.

Contributions of Muslims in Minnesota

The Muslim community in Minnesota has made significant contributions in various fields, including education, healthcare, business, arts, and community development. Many Muslim professionals and scholars actively engage in research, innovation, and community outreach initiatives.

In addition, Muslim organizations in Minnesota work tirelessly to promote interfaith dialogue, social justice, and humanitarian efforts. These initiatives aim to build bridges of understanding and cooperation between different faith communities and contribute to the betterment of society.

The International Islamic University of Minnesota and the Muslim Community

As an institution dedicated to Islamic education and scholarship, IIUMN plays a vital role in serving the Muslim community in Minnesota. The university offers academic programs, courses, and resources that cater to the needs of both traditional and contemporary Islamic education.

The International Islamic University of Minnesota aims to nurture a new generation of scholars, leaders, and professionals who can contribute meaningfully to the Muslim community and society through its commitment to excellence in teaching, research, and community engagement.

We invite you to explore the rich heritage and contributions of Muslims in Minnesota and join us in promoting knowledge, understanding, and community development.

  1. Islamic Cultural Community Center 2534 Central Avenue NE, Minneapolis, MN
  2. Islamic Center of St. Cloud 375 5th Avenue South, Saint Cloud, MN
  3. Islamic Society of Woodbury East Metro 12585 Hudson Road South, Afton, MN
  4. Masjid Al-Furqaan Islamic Center, 1501 Glenwood Avenue North, Minneapolis, MN
  5. Rochester Muslim Community Circle 4915 Highway 52 North, Rochester, MN
  6. Masjid Al-Wahyain 2429 University Avenue West, Saint Paul, MN
  7. MCC Al Rehman 8910 Old Cedar Avenue South, Bloomington, MN
  8. Masjid an-Nur 1729 Lyndale Avenue North, Minneapolis, MN
  9. Islamic Center of Minnesota 1401 Gardena Avenue NE, Fridley, MN
  10. Masjid Abu Khadra Columbia Heights Masjid 4056 7th Street NE, Columbia Heights, MN
  11. Islamic Institute of Minnesota 1460 Skillman Avenue East, Maplewood, MN
  12. Dar al-Hijrah Islamic Civic Center 504 Cedar Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN
  13. Abubakar As-Saddique Islamic Center 2824 13th Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN
  14. Masjid Darulquba 1415 Cedar Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN
  15. Masjid Omar Ibn Al-Khatab 912 East 24th Street, Minneapolis, MN
  16. Masjid Umatul Islam 3015 2nd Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN
  17. Khalid Bin Walid Mosque 124 West Lake Street, Minneapolis, MN
  18. Karmel Masjid 2910 South Pillsbury Avenue, Suite 200, Minneapolis, MN
  19. Umar Al Farooq Masjid 983 17th Avenue SE, Minneapolis, MN
  20. Tawfiq Islamic Center 2400 Minnehaha Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 
  21. Al-Taqwa Islamic Center 735 North Snelling Avenue, Saint Paul, MN
  22. Minnesota Dawah Center 478 University Avenue, Saint Paul, MN
  23. Masjid Al-Aman 4100 East 66th Street, Inver Grove Heights, MN
  24. American Muslim Community Center 12100 Pioneer Trail, Eden Prairie, MN
  25. Masjid Al-Tawba 6861 Flying Cloud Drive, Eden Prairie, MN
  26. Dar-us-Salaam Cultural Center 1103 West Burnsville Parkway, Burnsville, MN
  27. Al-Tawheed Islamic Center, 2944 Pillsbury Avenue, Minneapolis, MN
  28. Burnsville Masjid 1351 Riverwood Drive, Burnsville, MN
  29. Masjid As-Sahabah 3435 Washington Drive, Eagan, MN
  30. Eden Prairie Islamic Center 6520 Edenvale Blvd., Eden Prairie, MN
  31. Islamic Center of Winona 54 East 3rd Street, Winona, MN
  32. Northwest Islamic Community Center 3300 Plymouth Blvd, Minneapolis, MN
  33. Islamic Community Center of Minnesota 1429 2nd Street NE, Minneapolis, MN
  34. Al-Ihsan Islamic Center 955 West Minnehaha Avenue, St Paul, MN
  35. Dar Al Farooq Islamic Center 8201 Park Avenue South, Bloomington, MN
  36. Al-Madina Association 14555 South Robert Trail, Rosemount, MN
  37. Abu Huraira Islamic Center 530 6th Avenue NW, Rochester, MN
  38. Tawhid Islamic Community of St. Paul 430 Dale Street North, Saint Paul, MN
  39. Masjid Rawdah 2426 East 26th Street, Minneapolis, MN
  40. Masjid Shaafic Cultural Center 400 Cedar Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN
  41. Masjidul Nuurul-Imaan 2222 Park Avenue, Minneapolis, MN
  42. South Metro Islamic Center 15400 South Robert Trail, Rosemount, MN
  43. Al-Amaan Center 5620 Smetana Drive, Hopkins, MN
  44. Mercy Center 2647 Bloomington Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN
  45. Samaha Islamic Center 214 Holmes Street South, Shakopee, MN

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